Tash Girdler / Blue Lake Milling

Blue Lake Milling are known as The Porridge People, working through all stages of the oats journey, from the grains in the paddock to the porridge in your bowl.

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“The Limestone Coast Collaborative will be great for the region because it will bring together the various sectors, identify opportunities for widespread growth, create networking opportunities and increase brand awareness on a domestic and international level.” – Tash Girdler, Customer Sales and Support Manager, Blue Lake Milling

Established in 1863 as Commercial Flour Mills in Mount Gambier, the business was renamed Blue Lake Milling Pty Ltd in 1971, and relocated to Bordertown a decade later.

“We are privileged to be based in the Limestone Coast Food Bowl, and located in the grain growing super zone of South Eastern Australia,” says customer sales and support manager Tash Girdler.

While primarily specialising in oat milling, producing rolled, quick and instant oats, the Australian-owned company also innovates, manufactures, packages and distributes an extensive range of niche cereal flakes, bran, flours and premixes by teaming up with both small and large companies to provide healthy, superior and affordable Australian-made food products. The company produces 60,000 tonnes of finished product per annum, packaged in everything from one-tonne bulk bags right down to a 35-gram sachet.

“We join with retailers to supply top quality private labels and unite with leading brand manufacturers to provide superior, competitively priced food ingredients that go out into a mix of domestic and global markets,” explains Tash. “Australian oats have a reputation as the best in the world with their excellent taste, and Blue Lake Milling is striving to promote the future benefits of the global oat industry.”

How has the Limestone Coast region enabled you to create a successful brand or business?

Blue Lake Milling has a strong and reputable domestic and international marketplace presence, and we are privileged to be based in the heart of South Eastern Australia’s grain growing region in the Limestone Coast Food Bowl. Our oats are renown for being grown in bright, white, clean and green environments, so that flows through to the end product that we supply. We primarily source our oats from South Eastern South Australian and Western Victoria, supporting our local growers. Blue Lake Milling itself currently employs more than 130 people across two sites, and is proud to be part of the Limestone Coast Community, with our locally-based personnel highly dedicated to producing quality Limestone Coast product.

Where would you like to see the Limestone Coast region in the next 5 years in terms of brand recognition for the region, marketing of products and collaboration of industries?

We see the Limestone Coast region only growing in its prosperity and building symbiotic relationships with other businesses within the region. We believe the collaboration of industries will have a range of benefits including:

  • Driving employment and up skilling of personnel.
  • Promotion of the Limestone Coast as a wonderful place to live, work and visit.
  • Competing with the rest of SA and Australia in our reputation to produce outstanding products.
  • Marketing products not just locally but to be recognised domestically and internationally.
  • Increasing brand awareness of the Limestone Coast

What are some of the successes that you have achieved (and have these been made possible because of your location)?

With the construction of a state-of-the-art oat hulling facility in 2012, Blue Lake Milling has been able to achieve increased efficiencies and improved quality, which provides benefits to our local growers and Blue Lake Milling customers alike. Blue Lake Milling was awarded the Primary Industries and Regions SA South Australian Regional Exporter of the Year Award in 2014 in recognition of our presence in the export market. Blue Lake Milling is also a current finalist in the 2015 SA Food Awards.

Regional Hero: Tash Girdler
Blue Lake Milling, 71 Pigeon Flat Road, Bordertown SA 5268