The Limestone Coast story began a million years ago when the region was covered by the Great Southern Ocean. Through a series of ice ages the sea began to recede, eventually creating a landscape of ancient soils, caves and vast underground reservoirs.

At first glance, the region is sublime. There’s the fertile green landscapes rich with forests, vineyards, orchards and farms. Our rugged coastlines are a feast for the eyes and soul. And then there is the mosaic of unique towns and regional communities; each rich with heritage stories and brimming with character … and characters. A laid-back persona; authentic and real.

But scratch the surface, and delve a little deeper. Expect to uncover a more illuminating story. And when you do … relish the layers. Experience the diversity. Be surprised and enchanted.

The Limestone Coast is rich with hidden gems above and below the surface, and just waiting to be explored.

Be captivated by a world of natural wonders, from the World Heritage listed caves; network of serpentine underground sinkholes; The Blue Lake; lagoons, wetlands, spectacular beaches and volcanic formations.

Taste the abundant gifts of nature. Vines grown on unique terra rossa soils are crafted by vignerons into sought-after wines of elegance, complexity and distinction. Savour seafood sourced from our pristine waters. Relish a cornucopia of regionally grown produce. Delight in the skill of award winning artisans and chefs creating exceptional food experiences.

Come see for yourself. Located halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne; come and rediscover the simple joys of life. Unearth the treasures of the Limestone Coast.